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Wildlife border design

Do you want to welcome more wildlife into your garden?

I can make additions to an existing border or do a full redesign.


In order to maximise food and shelter opportunities for wildlife, I use a mixture of shrubs, perennials and annuals which provide a year round source of nectar, seeds and berries.   

I do not recommend plants which have little benefit to local wildlife, or that do not suit the conditions of the site.

I also include elements that provide shelter for invertebrates such as log stacks and brash piles. 

Adding a water source is the most beneficial addition you can make to your garden, and I can give advice on how to include a water element in a way that is manageable for your space.

Right plant, right place!

In 2017 I attended a design course at Beth Chatto's garden in Essex.  Her mantra: 'Right plant for the right place' is invaluable when considering the plants we use in our gardens.  Even difficult areas, such as dry shade, can be enhanced with the right choice of planting.

Design services

Planting suggestions


I provide an illustrated list of plants that will be suitable for your site, and beneficial to local wildlife.  This includes climbers, perennials, annuals, shrubs and bulbs. 

​Planting plan


This is a scaled plan of where the plants will be located, aligned with a 2D drawing of the final planting display.

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