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I no longer offer a garden maintenance service, but I can visit your garden to provide advice and guidance.  I charge £30 for a visit, which can include plant identification, suggestions for new planting and how to make the most of what you already have in your garden.    


Have you moved to a new home and are wondering what's growing there? I can come and identify the plants you have and and advise on how to look after them.  

Wildlife border design

I  offer advice on which plants will suit your garden and encourage wildlife.  If desired, I can produce a more detailed design. Click icon for more details.


Are you interested in encouraging more wildlife into your garden? I can show you how to manage your lawn to maximise food and shelter opportunities for all your garden visitors.   

Wildlife shelter spots

Bug hotels and brash piles give a range of creatures a place to shelter, lay eggs and hibernate. They also provide an opportunity of dealing with garden waste.

Climate change

As the summers get hotter and drier, I can show you techniques to help protect your plants during periods of drought.

Encouraging wildlife

Pollinating insects need our help, so I  recommend plants which attract them and  provide a nectar source throughout the year.

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