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Professional development

I attend various courses to widen my knowledge and sharpen my skills.  Here's what I've been up to:

Welcome wildlife to your garden: BBC Gardeners' World

11th March, 2022

26th August, 2022

Two webinars dedicated to techniques which attract wildlife into your garden.

Gardening Shears
Perfect your pruning skills: BBC Gardeners' world

February 18th, 2021

July 1st, 2021

October 2021


Three webinars demonstrating correct practice when pruning, in order to restrict size, promote fruiting and flowering and stopping plants from outgrowing their allotted space.

How to get the best out of your roses

4th February, 2018


I attended a rose pruning workshop at David Austin roses in Albrighton.  They explained how to encourage your shrub roses to form a good shape, and included advice on pruning and training climbing and rambling roses.

How to create a drought tolerant garden

18th October 2017


I learnt how to plan, prepare, plant and manage a drought resistant garden at The Beth Chatto Gardens in Colchester.  Topics included soil preparation, plant choice and the basics of Beth Chatto's style of gardening.  

I can advise you on how to achieve the gravel garden look, and the importance of choosing the right plant for the right location.

Food growing and garden design

2011- 2013


I studied horticulture and garden design at Capel Manor and have been managing the raised beds at Stoneydown primary school since 2011. I can give advice on how to start a vegetable plot, with top tips for the crops which are easiest to grow and maintain.  In the garden, I can advise on the best plants to enhance your space.

Gardening for wildlife


I've been managing the grounds at Stoneydown Park primary school since 2011, and have experience of making bug hotels, weaving willow structures and creating spaces which will encourage bees and butterflies to visit.  I trained at Kew Gardens as a Grow Wild mentor in 2015 and can develop a wildflower area in your garden.

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